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Residential 1-4 Units:
1-4  family properties are those properties that are designed to house 1 family in one unit otherwise called a Single Family Residence or SFR.  A 2-unit property is called a Duplex and can house two families.   With a Duplex, one unit can be owner-occupied and the other unit can be a rental used to offset the owner's mortgage payment, or both units can be used for investment purposes.  A 3-unit property is called a Tri-plex and can be used the same as a Duplex.  A 4-unit property is called a fourplex and can be used the same as above.

The reason for the 1-4 unit designation is due to the financing that can be obtained for them.  1-4 family residences can be financed using traditional lending sources such as FHA, VA Conventional, and Jumbo Loans.  More than 4 units will fall under commercial financing.  Click Here to Qualify for this type of Financing

Residential Land and Lots:
Bare Land is a bit more complicated to put a value on as it will depend on if the land has been improved or not.  Improvements are items like utilities on site, curbs, and streets, wells, and septic, or maps to subdivide the parcel.  When we are working with a buyer of Land we will need to know exactly what they intend to do with the land they want to buy.  With different uses of land, we will have to make sure that the zoning is in order as well as if the county will let them use the land for what they want to use it for.   For sellers, we will investigate the highest and best use for that land and market to those strong points.  We strive to get the highest price for our sellers no matter what type of property they list with us.  Click Here to Qualify for this Type of Financing

Rural Properties:
These are unique properties that usually sit on a large lot or acreage with few comparable sales to compare to.  We are Long time residents of rural Placer County, so we are very well versed in rural property with Water Wells Septic Systems, and acreage.  We have closed transactions with property in excess of 40 acres and have arranged the financing for them.  Horse property and barns are Real Estate types that require expertise to value and we have the experience that to get our buyers and sellers the best deal possible.  Large properties with many structures are also a specialty we can assist our buyers and sellers with.  Rural properties can be tricky if the Agent does not know how to represent them properly, we understand this and we are here to help.   We would love the opportunity to help you sell your rural property and get all the inspections we know are necessary to sell these types of properties.  Our buyers are very appreciative when we walk them through the inspection process and how to interpret them.  We look forward to helping you navigate buying or selling a Rural Property as we have the expertise to make your experience a positive one.  Click Here to Qualify for this type of Financing

Commercial Property:
Commercial property is zoned and is used for non-residential purposes.   Commercial Property valuation is mostly based on the income that the property is or can generate.  When putting a value on a commercial property we do it by taking the net operating income for the property and applying a Capitalization Rate that is common to the area to come up with a price point.  We also use a similar sales comparison method of similar types of properties that have sold in the area.  We will also use a price-per-square-foot method that is common to the area.  We generally use all these techniques when valuing the commercial property.  

When working with a buyer of Commercial property it is our job to gather all the necessary information about any particular property and evaluate the property from all aspects of our client's needs.  We will obtain all the existing title information, rent rolls, Income, and operating statements, and any inspections that have been done on the property and evaluate them for our client and present the facts and offer opinions.  

When working with sellers of commercial property we will advise them to get certain inspections so they know upfront what they may have to fix and what those costs may be.  We will gather existing rent rolls, income, and operating statements and we will help with placing a value or a sales price together 

Commercial Land:
Commercial land will vary from large Farm Land to commercial lots in a downtown area.  Depending on what the land is used for or has the potential to be used for will the valuation be based?  Current zoning and local county restrictions will play a role in the evaluation of commercial land.  Each parcel will be unique and come with its own set of unique circumstances that will require evaluation.   As a buyer, we will assist you with the evaluation of the property, zoning, and all potential pitfalls of the property for the purpose you are wanting the property for.  As a seller, we will get the necessary reports for you to be able to present to potential buyers of your property and negotiate the best possible price for you when offers come in. 

We have special funding sources for churches.  If you are looking to sell a church in California we can and list it and sell it with the financing a potential buyer will need.  If you are looking to purchase a Church we have the funding sources available. 

Other property types

No matter what the property type is we generally can evaluate it list and sell it.  There are mixed-use properties that can be evaluated with all the above techniques.  There are industrial buildings that are similar to commercial property.  

Our Services:
Our main goal is to list and sell your property where you will receive the highest proceeds from the sale of your property.  Knowing the area in which your property is located is paramount and probably the single most important aspect of what we do.  We will check the title to your property to make sure there are no liens that you may not know of.  We will work with your existing lender to make sure they are paid off.  If you need to short sale your property we will work with the lender to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.  Having negotiated many short sales we will apply our experience to make the transaction as smooth as we can.    

Communication is a crucial part of any Real Estate transaction and we pride ourselves on this ability to get you the news as it happens.  You will be fully informed throughout the process.  

Marketing is not just putting your listing into the multiple listing service (MLS), it involves a network of other Agents to market your property as well.  We use all the latest techniques as well as syndicating your property on all the major consumer sites like Zillow, Trulia, Red Fin, Homes.com, Realtor.com, Loopnet, and over 60 other similar sites.  We make sure your property gets in front of those that want to see it.  Our special marketing engine will send your listing to every agent in the area so they know your property is for sale.

Costs of Selling Traditional and Non-Traditional Property Types:
The Cost of selling will vary dramatically from on property type to another.  The reason for the variances is that different Property types will require different inspections required by the buyers or the Lender or the intended purpose of the property.   The Seller can choose to do the inspections upfront for potential buyers or have the buyer do the inspections.  Inspections include but not limited to:
1.  Termite Inspection
2. Home Inspections
3. Appraisals
4. Phase 1  and or Phase 2 or Both Environmental Inspections on Commercial Property
5. Natural Hazard Inspections
6. Heating and Air Inspections

Depending on the type of property and who is paying for the inspections  (negotiated in the contract) will depend on the costs.  Also if a Seller agrees to pay for work to be done could also increase the costs of Selling a property.  

Commission on the sale by an agent will vary on the size of the transaction, advertising expenses expected, and work the Agent is expected to do prior to the sale.  Generally, Commissions are negotiated between 3-6% as a total cost.  In some cases, it could be negotiated lower if the services expected from Agent are limited.  Some online Real Estate companies Like the new Purple Brick concept (which really is an old concept of lower commission for reduced services) make the seller do a lot of the work that a traditional Agent would do on behalf of the Seller.  Note that in California, a lawyer on every corner could increase your culpability in a sale of Real Estate.  A traditional Agent will also work for reduced commissions if you ask to take on the liability yourself, I find most folks like the concept but in the end, it ends up costing them more to sell as they are not experts in negotiating and price setting the base on the condition of the property.  

We will work with sellers on a flat fee basis as well, you just have to ask for this.  With a flat fee, a seller has to know what they will get in return and we do our best to show this to our sellers in advance.  The flat fee concept is similar to the above online model where you will get less of a service from an Agent and you as the Seller will take on more liability, but some sellers are fine with this and we will work with all types of folks.  Remember, that we do not collect any upfront fees, all fees are collected at the close of escrow.  This Flat fee commission method works really well when we represent you as a buyer of your next home and even better if we also do the home loan for you.  With this bundling of services, you can end up saving thousands, in the long run, working with MAE Capital Real Estate and Loan.  Call for a more in-depth look at listing your home for sale.

When working with buyers the Real estate commissions are already set by the listing Agent. The seller will pay for our services when we represent you as a buyer. 

We look forward to helping you list and sell you your home.  We value our clients, now and well into the future.

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