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Tip: We can lower your interest rate with a refinance and keep the term you are currently at so you don't reset back to a 30 year loan!

Refinancing all types of Loans:
If you have an existing Conventional Loan secured by FNMA or FHLMC we can refinance it, no need to go back to the lender who is collecting your payments.  We are experts in FHA VA Conventional and Private money loans and can refinance them all no matter who you are currently making your payments.  We will do it all for you, all you will have to do is provide us with some basic documentation.

Do you need cash from the equity in your home?  We can get the money you need quickly.  Cash be taken out of your home for Home Improvements, College, Vacations, Bill Consolidation, purchasing another property, and many other reasons you need money.  Call us at 916-672-6130 or click here and fill out an easy refinancing sheet.

Refinancing your home can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over time if done right.  You need to have the right advice to be able to make an educated decision on what type of loan or terms you should have for your home loan.  Let's get started today by completing the free informational form at the bottom of this page.

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The Process is Easy

Details you will be asked (If you do not know the answers we will be able to extract the information from the documentation you provide us) Click Here for the Document List


1.  What type of loan do you currently have on your home (FHA, Conventional, VA, Jumbo, Private, etc.)?:  This information will determine what type of loan we can arrange for you that might provide you with a better monthly Payment.  It will also allow us to determine if there are any special Government programs that might help you with lowering your payments.

2. What is your current interest rate?:  Knowing what your interest rate is may not be as easy as you think.  If you have an adjustable rate loan it will differ month to month based on the index your loan is tied to.  To see what your interest rate is we look at your mortgage statement, but sometimes the rate you are really paying or going to be paying has to be determined by looking at your Promissory Note and the real terms of the loan.  

3. Do you have mortgage insurance on your loan?:  We can determine this by looking at your mortgage statement.  Each type of loan (FHA or Conventional Financing) carries a different type of mortgage insurance at different rates.  We will analyze your current mortgage insurance and determine if we can lower your mortgage insurance or eliminate it all together to lower your monthly payments.

4.  We then look at the value of your home.  (We have the tools to determine this):  If you do not know the value of your home we have all the tools necessary to find the value of your home.  This is very important so we can determine if mortgage insurance will be necessary, or if we can drop your existing mortgage insurance, or eliminate it all together with a new loan.  If your original loan was an FHA loan and the value has increased you might be able to not only lower your interest rate but drop the mortgage insurance that you pay monthly to further lower your monthly payment.  

5.  Do you need cash out of the home to pay off debt or home improvement?    Lenders view transactions where the client receives cash-out of the equity of their home as a higher risk of foreclosure, so the loan will come with a slightly higher interest rate (usually not more than .25%).  Cash-Out loans can really be a benefit if they are done correctly.  

6.  Do you need a Rate or Term Refinance to lower your payments?:
A Rate or Term Refinance is when we put together a loan that is designed to pay off your existing loan to lower the rate, reduce the term of the loan, or both.  These types of refinances come with the best rates.  In addition, FHA and VA loans that are refinanced this way may not require an appraisal or a credit report if the borrower has paid their existing loan on time.  There is also a Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP to refinance a conventional loan where the home has little
 or no equity due to market conditions.

7. Has your credit deteriorated or are you Self-Employed?:  
We have Alternate Income and credit sources that can get you through a tough time.  Alternate Income Refinance loans can help those that are self-employed refinance when traditional lenders tell them no.  These loans will let you refinance if your credit is under the usual 620 score required for most traditional loans.  For more information click here

8.  Reverse Mortgage:  
Are you over 62 years old?  If so try refinancing to a reverse mortgage and finally get rid of your mortgage payment for the rest of your life.  Click here to find out more.

What to expect:
Once we have the necessary documentation from you, we then can check the value of the home, look at the existing loan and figure out the best solution for you.  An example would be; if we were to look at refinancing an FHA loan to a Conventional loan, the Conventional loan may have a higher interest rate than your existing FHA loan but if the value of your home is now below  80% Loan to Value (LTV) we would be able to drop your mortgage insurance.  By dropping the Mortgage Insurance you could save hundreds on your new monthly payment.  Also in this example, you would get a check from the Government for the unused portion of the mortgage insurance you had financed upfront on your FHA loan.    So let us do the math and you might be amazed at what you can save.  For a more detailed loan process click here.

The Cost:
In most cases, we can refinance your home with no out-of-pocket costs.  We know that finances are tight so we design your loan so you do not have to pay for any costs of the refinance out-of-pocket.

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We Refinance homes all over California.  Some of the Major cities we have refinanced folks in are: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Manhattan Beach, San Clemente, Oceanside, Irvine, Riverside, Ontario, Palm Springs, Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto, Stockton, Elk Grove, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Salinas, Walnut Creek, Concord, Danville, Moraga, Berkeley, Richmond, Vallejo, Fairfield, Davis, Redding, Eureka and Crescent City

Let us Help you Refinance your home you will be surprised how we can save you money.

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